Agricultural Solar Panel Systems

Let the Sun be Your Farm’s Quota

Most farms struggle to operate within their quota, leaving only a few possibilities for farmers wanting to squeeze more profit out of their operation. One of these is to cut electrical and heating costs and/or increase overall income by selling farm-generated electricity back to Ontario’s electrical grid. But unlike other quotas, the amount of money you can harvest from solar farming has no legislated limit. And the financial incentives are significant.

Net Metering is the Future

The future of renewable solar is the new Ontario Net Metering  program where you generate almost all the electricity you use at your home or business. Click here to find out more.

Years of happy customers

You may recognize Global Point Energy as a trusted name in farm-related solar products from our many years helping farmers generate solar hot water and electricity. We can offer you a long list of referrals from farms just like your own: we encourage you to learn from other farmers how the use of solar technology reduced their costs and — now that their farm-generated electricity can be resold — how a new crop is being harvested.

Harvesting the sun

In addition to familiar solar hot water systems, many farmers are hurrying to enroll in the FIT or MicroFIT program so as to lock-in the 20-year contracts being offered by the Government of Ontario. They are hurrying to be first in line when the new rates are announced and applications start being reviewed and approved. With experience organizing solar generating plants on a municipal utility level, Global Point Energy is easily able to handle the needs of even very large farms.


Ground-mounted solar panels

While farms, like other large commercial operations, generally have many buildings with large areas of roofing perfect for mounting solar panels, farms also have something that is not often found in other operations: open space. Should roof space be limited, the second option is to pursue ground-mounted solar panels in open spaces, ideally on non-arable land. The MicroFIT program does not cover mixed implementations of roof- and ground-mounted solar panels: only one of the two options may be chosen.

Increase your building’s value

If you choose to purchase your own solar panel system, our turnkey photovoltaic solar system will cause the value of your building to increase. Having 20 years of guaranteed income paid directly by the Government of Ontario’s Ontario Power Authority represents a substantial asset in calculating the value of your building, come the day it is sold or used as equity to secure loans.

Need a new roof?

Regardless whether you rent or purchase your solar panel system, we will first have our engineers conduct a “roof diagnostics analysis” to confirm the fitness of the roof over the next 20 years. Should the roof need repairs or replacement, we will provide upgrades sufficient for the life of the agreement and simply roll the cost into the overall payment schedule. So, in addition to your solar panels bringing you income, you also get a new roof.


Hate paperwork?

Global Point Energy specializes in the installation of residential, agricultural and commercial solar energy systems of all sizes. Our turnkey solar panel system includes navigation of all Government regulations, approvals and fees: only your signature is needed.

Likewise, we’ll provide explanations in plain English for all engineering calculations and related contracts so that the process is never confusing or overwhelming. This includes ensuring that all components meet the Ontario Content Requirements (giving you full manufacturer warranties), arranging all grid connection approvals and costs, IESO (Independent Electrical System Operator), LDC (local distribution company), ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) approvals and application fees. And should you need help financing the purchase, we have relations with lending institutions who are already familiar with our products.

Remote Monitoring

Internet monitoring polls your solar plant on a 24/7 basis and informs you of any production problems or maintenance issues requiring your attention. The monitoring website records all production data and can compare results year-to-year to let you know when production significantly differs from normal.