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Global Point Energy Invests in Solar

26 May 2014, posted under Global Point Energy, Solar News |

Braidwood 500kw solar

500 kW Solar Plant On Braidwood Ave. Peterborough, ON
After years of installing solar projects for our customers, Global Point Energy in partnership with the Peterborough Community Energy Co-operative is pleased to announce that we’re building our own 500 kW rooftop solar plant at our facility in Peterborough, Ontario along with 4 other FIT projects ranging from 100-500 kW. Construction began in April 2014 and first production is expected mid-summer.

We’re proud that our 100,000 square foot facility will be part of the clean-energy solution now instead of relying on legacy coal, nuclear and hydro generated power. Solar projects like this help Ontario supply our growing energy demands without the need to build more polluting coal plants or expensive, potentially dangerous nuclear generating stations.

Equipment for 500 kW AC Solar Photovoltaic Electric Power System

Quantity Equipment Specifications
     2 Advanced Energy 250TX Commercial Inverters 249.5 kW AC
   1980  Canadian Solar CS6P Solar Panels 300 watts each
     1 Galaxy Rooftop Racking System
     1 Aurora Universal Internet Monitoring System for Solar