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What is Canada’s Climate Action Incentive Fund?

31 July 2019, posted under Solar News |

This limited time incentive program helps small and medium sized businesses save money on installing solar generation plants that can save you money for years to come. Now you can save up to 25% on the cost of installation giving you a 4 to 5 year payback. After the system is paid for, you get almost free electrical power. That’s money to the bottom-line.

Hurry, applications close October 15, 2019 or whenever the money in the fund has been awarded. Contact us now for more information.

Program Details

The Climate Action Incentive Fund: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Project stream provides funding to small
and medium-sized enterprises in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick. The program supports
retrofit projects including, but not limited to:
Solar Installation Photo
• Changes to process to improve energy efficiency
• Enhancements to building enveloped
• Energy efficient lighting systems
• HVAC equipment/systems/controls
• Water heating retrofits
• Waste-heat recovery
• High-efficiency motors and controls
• Low-emission fuel production for own-use
• Fuel switching to lower emitting energy sources
• District energy (heating/cooling)
• Combined heat and power for own-use
• Renewable energy systems on-site and for own-use (including, solar PV, wind energy, micro-hydro, standalone storage systems
• Energy management controls, including building automation systems
• Retrofitting/upgrading existing equipment used for industrial processes

Eligible Recipients

• Small-sized incorporated enterprise of 1-99 employees
• Medium-sized incorporated enterprise of 100-499 employees

Potential Funding

• Up to 25% of eligible project costs
• No less than $20,000 CAD and no more than $250,000 CAD per project and per recipient
• A $250,000 CAD funding cap also applies to a group of applicant franchisees wo operate under the same
franchise trade name in each eligible province


October 15, 2019 or when funding is exhausted

For more information, click this link: Canadian Government’s Climate Action Incentive Fund web page

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