Ontario's Net Metering program can offset your electrical expense by as much as 90%.

Net Metering Solar Panel Systems

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Save Up to $250k or 25%

Canada’s Federal Government Announces New Incentive Program

This limited time incentive program helps small and medium sized businesses save money on the installation of solar generation plants that can save money on your utility bill for years to come. Now you can save up to 25% on the cost of installation giving you a 4 to 5 year payback. After the system is paid for, you get almost free electrical power. That’s money to the bottom-line.

Take control of your electricity costs by having Global Point install a world-class solar net metering system at your facility.

Save over $2.5 Million Over 25 Years With 5oo kW Solar Plant

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Act now! Applications close when the money in the fund has been awarded. Contact us now for more information.

Global Point owns five solar systems ranging from 100 kW to 500 kW. We have the know-how and experience to help you solve your energy problems.

We can show you how putting a net metering solar system on your commercial building or residence can save  you money for years to come.Contact Us

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Solar energy is helping to preserve our environment! Global Point Energy owns 6 solar plants in the Peterborough area with combined production of 1.6 gigawatt-hours. That’s enough to power just over 1000 homes. We really want to do our part to combat climate change. You can help. Click for more production information

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With interest rates at historical lows, up to 100% financing of your investment can be considered with marginal risk. As plant owners, Global Point can help you optimize your financing strategy and maximize your ROI.

Solar net metering systems will reduce the exposure of your roof to solar radiation. This increases the longevity of your roof and reducing the cooling burden on the building.

FULL capital cost (CCA) writedown in the first year essentially gives a 25% offset on capitol cost of the system.

AS the world shifts to clean sustainable energy sources your company will be recognized for its environmental stewardship. You can also enhance the marketing potential of your product in the era of the environmentally conscious consumer. 

Take your first step towards power independence.

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Net Metering Explained

Read an article by Global Point’s President; Rob Hawthorne published on the AM FM Consulting Group website about what’s different between the new Net Metering program versus the old Fit Programs:


What is the difference between the two programmes? Under the old FIT program, all power produced by a solar system was metered separately and dispatched to the grid. Your bill for the power consumption of your facility was unchanged, and you received compensation for your solar production that was deemed to be taxable income for your business.


The new Net metering program allows you to credit your solar production directly against your power consumption. In essence, the solar system is operating behind your meter. This allows you to off-set up to 100% of your consumption on an annual basis. Your electricity bill is reduced in proportion to the amount of electricity you generate, and the prevailing cost of electricity.

Reproduced with permission from AM FM Consulting Group

This is taken directly from our Net Metering FAQ. Click here to read the full FAQ.

Net Metering Solar Is a Good Investment

Watch this Bloomberg video that discusses how green energy is the most active energy sector for investment. More cost efficient renewable energy is making the sector more attractive to investors. John Cook, president and CEO of Greenchip Financial, looks at how green energy producers are creating both disruption and investment opportunities.

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Limited Time to Save Our Environment is Maximum Opportunity To Go Solar

Economics are now the best argument for renewable energy. Read how government  policy on renewable energy will be driven by economics starting now!.

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We have ver 6 megawatts of experience in Ontario’s Fit and Net Metering programs with 220 Jobs Completed – 220 References Available
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Time to Purchase a Net Metering Solar Panel System

500 kW Solar Plant

500 kW – 60,000 – 90,000 sq.ft.

500 kW

60,000 – 90,000 sq.ft.

250 kW Solar Panel System in Port Perry Ontario

250 kW in Port Perry Ontario

250 kW

30,000 – 45,000 sq.ft.

120 kW Solar Panel System with Solar Hot Water

120 kW with 12 Solar Hot Water Panels

9,000 – 20,000 sq.ft.

St. Andrews Church 10 kW Lindsay ON

10 kW

900 – 1,600 sq.ft.

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Global Point Energy installs high quality solar panels designed for the coldest Canadian winter. Our solar panel system was chosen by the municipally-owned solar power plant at Lilly Lake near Peterborough Ontario, while our commercial customers range from hotels and apartments to dairy farms.

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