Why Global Point?

We have a Process that works, people who care about what they do and a lot of experience.

It’s That Simple!

If you are considering a purchase of solar panel technology, wading through all the sales pitches out there can be exhausting. To help clarify the choice between Global Point Energy and our competitors, we offer this list of relevant questions:

1. Has your solar panel system and engineering been chosen by power utilities, or is it just consumer grade?

GPE participated in a large utility project; the 10 megawatt Lilly Lake Solar Farm owned by Peterborough Utilities Inc.

2. Will you fill out all the paperwork and arrange payment for all fees?

We are expert at navigating all the confusing government forms and fee requirements: weʼll prepare all the necessary paperwork and explain each page to you in plain English.

3. Do you offer remote 24/7 performance monitoring?

Your solar panels are remotely monitored by our technicians: we can have repair crews dispatched before youʼve noticed a power drop.

4. I donʼt want to wait weeks if your system fails: do you have a fully-stocked parts warehouse?

We operate a fully-stocked warehouse of solar panel replacement parts that is ISO compliant and is located at our main office (not at some distant 3rd-party site).

5. If you are offering rooftop solar panel installations, do you provide structural analysis with stamped drawings?

The most important consideration for solar panels is always structural and roof conditions: if you arenʼt being asked about this, hang up.

6. Have your solar panel systems been tested in the snow and ice of Canadaʼs extreme weather conditions?

With most of our customers located here in Canada, our solar panel systems are designed to be far more rugged and insulated against the harshest winters than similar systems built for warmer climates.

7. Does your company have international experience in solar installations?

Our international work with the U.S. military demanded technical expertise that few of our competitors could match.

8. Does your solar panels use prismatic glass, or traditional glass?

GPE chose prismatic glass because it allows snow to release faster than traditional glass.

9. For a flat roof or level terrain, do you recommend adjacent rows of panels be more than four meters apart?

When rows of solar panels are closely placed, power generation is decreased due to shading, so we generally recommend keeping rows four meters or more apart.

10. Is your Overbuild Ratio at least 20 percent?

We always account for at least a 20% overbuild to make sure our customers arenʼt being short-changed.

11. Can you send me a list of 30 previous customers I can phone for references?

We have a large number of solar panel customers willing to act as reference for any serious inquiry, so a list of 30 should be no problem.

12. Can I arrange a tour of your companyʼs facility?

We welcome your interest in our solar panel products and would be pleased to arrange a tour.

13. Do you use specialized modelling software in your calculations, or just the Retscreen software developed by Natural Resources Canada?

While using Retscreen can generate generally accurate models, specialized modelling software makes our power and cost projections extremely accurate by generating missing or anomalous details.

14. Do you offer fully-finished turn-key systems, or are there aspects of the system Iʼll have to purchase and integrate separately?

We believe in ʻeasy solar powerʼ: all of our solar panel installations are turn-key systems, unless you specify certain aspects to be excluded.

15. How many megawatts of rooftop and groundmount solar panel installations have you navigated in Ontario?

After navigating 40 megawatts and counting, GPE understands the paperwork and the engineering analysis that each installation requires.

16. Have you been chosen for multiple Ontario municipal projects and installations?

The reason municipalities in Ontario have chosen GPE is due to our familiarity with municipal requirements and our strong referrals from other municipalities.

17. Is your company a corporate-level member of the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA)?

We take our responsibility to support solar panel industry standards, including maintaining our corporate membership in CanSIA.

18. If I donʼt want to purchase or lease solar panels, can I rent my roof to your company?

We are always looking for large roof areas appropriate for installing solar panels: if you feel your roof is large enough, contact us with the details.

Financing Solar

There are four ways to get a solar panel system running on your property: finance it yourself, get financing from a lending institution, rent your roof to GPE, or — for large installations — GPE may be able to arrange leasing on your behalf.

In the case of getting support from a lending institution, one good place to start is the RBC, which has had prior experience financing solar panel systems for our customers:

RBC Royal Bank

“Global Point is a contractor that brings credibility to a solar project in terms of experience and a proven track record in the Peterborough and Southern Ontario Region overall. This company has established itself in this relatively young industry as a name you can trust to provide a quality project and overall service.”

Scott Mancini, Account Manager, Commercial Markets,