Solar Hot Water Panel Systems

Solar Hot Water


With a GPE solar hot water system, not only will you realize an immediate reduction in operating expenses but also have a built in hedge against future energy price increases.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your job, we have the experience to match. Our commercial installations range from apartment buildings and car washes to restaurants and college athletic facilities.

Companies installing a GPE solar hot water system are making a very real and visible commitment to the environment and their community. This commitment translates into heightened public awareness and increased business.

Most commercial applications for solar hot water require an
engineering review for proper sizing and for the most efficient design.

We can offer recommendations for most any application after
determining some facts and expectations of the customer, such as:

  • How hot water is used
  • Amount of hot water required
  • Type of energy presently being used and annual consumption
  • Type of roof and access to the utility room from the roof
  • Distance from the roof to the utility room
  • Space available for storage tanks
  • Building orientation in relation to the sun and any shade cover

GPE can provide financing through a third party leasing company specializing in renewable energy leases.

GPE solar hot water systems work equally well as a stand-alone technology or in conjunction with other renewable energy sources. GPE works hand in hand with a project’s general contractor to integrate our systems with other technologies such as geothermal and photovoltaic.

We custom design & engineer each system to ensure that all of the free energy from the sun is utilized to optimum efficiency.

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