Why Solar?

Harnessing the sunʼs energy makes sense. Both solar thermal (hot water) and solar photovoltaic (electric) are not merely smart ways to save money, but are also revenue generating opportunities, shields against rising energy prices, and practical answers to growing environmental concerns. In our experience, the top nine reasons to invest in solar panels would be the following:

1. Shield yourself against rising energy prices

Solar energy is available to everyone on earth: no individual or nation has a monopoly on sunshine. After decades of massive subsidization, petroleum and gas prices continue to rise toward their true cost, yet the cost of solar power has never been cheaper. Facing a future of escalating energy prices, smart investors are choosing solar power systems to reduce or eliminate this threat. Click here for more information on Ontario’s new solar programs.

2. Generate savings from the sun

Ontario’s solar programs allow you to produce the electrical power you use and reduce your electricity bill to almost nothing. Thermal solar can produce hot water for farms and businesses that need it.  Start researching your solar installation now so you’re ready to save.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint

Your solar panel system is another small step you can make against the worst aspects of global climate change. By contrast, electricity produced by burning coal, oil and natural gas contribute significantly to the “greenhouse” gases fueling extreme global climate changes that are projected to get much worse over the next century. Solar energy is clean and pure, and the best protection we can pass along to our grandchildren.

4. Increase your marketing appeal

Commercial enterprises using solar enjoy the marketing benefit of clearly contributing to an environmentally sustainable future, including applying their solar panel system towards green building certifications. If you want to stand out from the pack, solar panels are a good place to start.

5. No headaches

With no moving parts, solar panels are low maintenance and have a lifespan of 20+ years.

6. Augment your regular roof

Solar panels block UV and extend the life of the roofing materials beneath them, plus their shade lowers the cost of cooling buildings in the summer: two benefits professional facility managers consider in their calculations.