What is Net Metering?

Ontario’s Net Metering program is available to any Hydro One or local utility customer who generates electricity primarily for their own use from a renewable energy source. The program uses electricity produced by your solar system to power the electrical needs of your home or business.

When production is high, more energy is generated than used. Excess is transferred to the grid and energy credits are applied to your account for use when production is low such as darkness, inclement weather or winter.

With Net Metering you only pay when you use more than you produce; the Net difference between what you produce and what you use. Net-metered customers enjoy paying almost nothing for their electrical energy while others will face continually rising energy costs.

Global Point can design a system that will cover all your electrical needs. We look at your current usage and design a system that covers all your usage averaged out over the year eliminating most of your electricity bill.*

Note: Some fixed utility charges will continue to be billed such as the delivery charge.


Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Energy In Ontario (FAQ)

Solar FAQ with Cost Justification

How Does Net Metering Work?

Net Metering Infographic


Electricity Rates Continue to Rise Cam Tran Solar Plants

From May 2006 until May 2016 average electricity rates rose 85%, an average annual increase of 8.6%.

From May 2011 until May 2016 average electricity rates rose 56%, an average annual increase of  11.3%.

In 2017 the Ontario government instituted the “Ontario Fair Hydro Plan” that promises to hold rate increases to inflation for 4 years. Be ready for year when rates inevitably rise and install solar generation on your home or business.

The higher rates rise, the more you profit because you’re saving money!

Source: Ontario Energy Board – Historical Electricity Prices


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To learn more about Net Metering, click here.  One of our solar experts will be happy to tell you more.