Global Point Energy Solar Plants

Global Point is partnered with the Peterborough Community Energy Cooperative, a group of Peterborough residents who’ve invested in green energy. Together we own 6 local solar systems ranging from 100 kW to 500 kW. The 500 kW plant is the largest within the city limits.

We offer full internet monitoring for all our solar installations* allowing you to know if your solar plant is producing as expected and you get emails when there’s a problem. The graphs below show a limited view of some of the information available with internet monitoring.

The near real-time energy output of 2 of  our plants is displayed below. Keep in mind that winter production is affected by snow cover and the sun’s lower position in the sky. Our production estimates are adjusted for that to keep them accurate.

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100 kW Solar Plant

This 100 kW solar plant is at Westburne Electric inPeterborough Ontario.


500 kW Solar Plant

(Two coloured bars represent two separate inverters combining output) 

This 500  kW solar site is located on the roof of our Peterborough warehouse. We believe in solar!


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