Retrofit Solar Rodent Protection

Your current solar system may be at risk from squirrels and other rodents. The Ontario Electrical Authority has introduced new code requirements for new solar installations requiring rodent fencing to be installed to prevent rodents from nesting and chewing wires creating an unsafe situation.

While retrofitting existing installations with rodent fencing isn’t required, you should be aware of this potential problem. If you have rodents such as squirrels active on your property, we recommend rodent fencing to protect your solar investment. We’ve only had one of our customers experience this issue but the damage was extensive and it appears insurance won’t cover the significant cost of replacement.  Call us for an estimate.

Here’s an excerpt from the Electrical Safety Authority Bulletin 64-0-0  with the important information about the new requirements.

(Section D) Mechanical protection against rodents

Rule 64-210(5) requires mechanical protection against rodents for PV source circuit conductors on or above a building, where the dc arc-fault protection (when required) is not located at the module.

The mechanical protection required above for the PV conductors may be in the form of an enclosed raceway or other acceptable material.

The Appendix B Note provides examples of “other acceptable material” such as:

  • Expanded metal
  • Solid metal; or
  • Screening (Wire screening with openings not greater than 13 mm is acceptable for protection against rodents)


  1. When installing wire screening, installer to ensure adequate airflow to avoid potential overheating for PV wires underneath the modules.
  2. Drilling of PV modules is not permitted.

Example of Rodent Damage

Get solar rodent protection to avoid squirrel damage on roof

Squirrel Damage on Roof

Solar rodent protection to prevent squirrel damage to exposed wires

Squirrel Damage to Exposed Wires