Are you considering a large solar project and need expertise on the complexities of analysis, acquisition, and procurement involved in developing a large project? Global Point Energy has the experience needed to plan and implement any sized project.

We have expertise in GIS (Geographic Information System), planning and government permits, land ownership and acquisition, and community consultation to see your project through to completion with the minimum of complications.

Our Solar Project Management services include:

  • Full Project Management
  • Manage Permits, Surveys, Approvals and IESO Applications etc.
  • Land Acquisition
  • GIS / Mapping
  • Data Collection and Monitoring
  • Land Ownership and Title Review
  • Constraints Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • Visual Simulations & Detailed Production Forecasts
  • Community Consultation
  • Habitat Preservation
  • Crop Compensation
  • Damage Settlements
  • Professional Design Services